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Columbus Dinner Letter Draft Santoro

Dear Friends,

On October 11th, The Italian Tribune will honor Joyce Nastasi, Executive Director of the Environmental Contractors Association, with the prestigious “Christopher Columbus Woman of the Year Award.”

It is presented to Joyce with the deepest of pride and admiration for her success for her countless efforts in public service. Because of this, the Board of Trustees of the Italian Tribune Columbus Day Committee has selected her as Woman of the Year.

You are cordially invited to attend the 49th Annual Columbus Day Gala to be held at the Birchwood Manor, 111 North Jefferson Road, Whippany, New Jersey. The cocktail reception begins at 6:30 pm, followed by dinner, dancing and the awards ceremony.

I am taking the liberty of enclosing tickets for this special event. To make this day truly memorable for Joyce, we will also be publishing a special edition of The Italian Tribune so that you may publically acknowledge her with a personalized congratulatory advertisement. An application for this purpose is also enclosed.

Once again, let me thank you for your enthusiastic response to our Columbus Day Gala. Both Joyce and I look forward to seeing you on October 11th.


A.J. Buddy Fortunato, K.M.

Executive Director

Columbus Day Gala