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Il Circolo Italiano members at Boston College include, bottom row, Sofia Fernandez, Christian Martinez and Frank DeLuca; middle row, Isabella Fazzolari, Elizabeth Carcieri and Calley Dias and top row, Anthony Masi, Aileen Herman, Margherita Bassi and Julia Nascimben.

Il Circolo Italiano Continues to Preserve Italian American Tradition

Their Heritage at ‘Il Circolo Italiano’

Il Circolo Italiano is the official Italian student organization of Boston College. Founded in 1990, the group’s mission is to preserve traditional Italian and Italian American values for the students of the College. With over 40 active members and 150 registered members, students from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds attend the club’s events and experience the richness of Italian and Italian American culture though authentic cuisine, language, art, music and film.

Brooklyn native, Isabella Fazzolari, daughter of Joe and Cathy Coluccio Fazzolari, is currently a student at Boston College and has immersed herself in the Italian club. “I feel that the younger generation such as myself, has the responsibility to learn and share our heritage, traditions, history and culture with the next generation. If we do not take up this challenge, our great heritage may be lost,” said Isabella.

The club has sponsored events that provide first hand experiences for attendees, such trips to the Boston’s famous North End, mask-making for Carnevale, as well as preparation and enjoyment of many authentic Italian foods. The activities of the group also include tournaments for bocce and briscola.

Il Circolo Italiano also holds screenings of many Italian movies and weekly Italian classes, often instructed by professors at Boston College. Il Circolo Italiano is proud to share its Italian heritage with members of the Boston College community and plan to continue these traditions for many years to come.