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Professional cyclists for Team Colavita/Bialetti have a bit of fun pouring some espresso from a Bialetti Moka while training.

Colavita and Bialetti Support Women’s Pro Cycling

Two iconic Italian companies Colavita and Bialetti, have joined forces to support U.S. women’s professional cycling through Team Colavita/Bialetti. Both companies have a shared mission of promoting healthy, community-driven activity and with cycling being a very popular sport in Italy, this partnership furthers their goals while staying true to their Italian roots.

Colavita, still a family-owned business, is based in Rome and is world-renowned for its olive oil. The company has strategically and continually expanded its product line over time by adding the finest in pastas, vinegars, wine, sauces and Italian specialty items. Colavita USA is based in Edison NJ and not only distributes Colavita products, but is also the U.S. distributor for Perugina Chocolates.

Bialetti, the leading Italian cookware company, is known around the world for its Moka maker, not only the world’s the best-seller espresso maker, but a design that after 80 years, still remains the standard against which all other espresso makers are measured.

The Chief Executive Officer of Colavita USA is Giovanni Colavita and the Vice President of Marketing for the company as well as Team Colavita/Bialetti Manager is John Profaci, who said “Bialetti and Colavita have found the perfect fit together in this partnership and we are very grateful that it allows us to continue our support of this sport that is so important to us and that we believe in so passionately. Team Colavita has been one of the longest-running women’s cycling programs in the country, and we put a lot of value into associating our brand with this healthy, community-driven activity. We are very excited that another quality Italian brand like Bialetti shares in our mission and has joined our cause to form Team Colavita/Bialetti.”

Colavita has been a visible sponsor of both men’s and women’s cycling teams since 2003. Over the years, Colavita’s support helped to propel numerous athletes on to become National Champions, World Champions, and Olympic competitors.