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Gorgonzola Dolce, Fingerling Potatoes and Radicchio Pizza

How to Serve an Italian Pizza with Delicious Colavita Ingredients

Getting Creative – The Many Variations of Grilled Pizza

There are many variations that you can use when preparing a grilled pizza. When you are using a charcoal grill, the pizza will take on a rich, smoky flavor. Traditionalists will use olive oil, mozzarella cheese and basil for an authentic Margherita, but there are many other ingredients to consider. Try a few different pizzas on the grill. It will make your outdoor event a memorable one.

Other ingredients to consider – balsamic vinegar, garlic, oregano, rosemary and basil.

For greens and other vegetables, try arugula, radicchio, baby bella mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, thinly-sliced zucchini, peppers, onions, artichokes and even fingerling potatoes.

For hearty toppings, there is prosciutto, pancetta, sausage, chicken, shrimp and even clams.

For cheeses, of course there is fresh Mozzarella, but also you can use Ricotta, Fontina, Parmigiano, Grana Padano and Gorgonzola. And, if you have never tried it, a pizza with figs, olive oil, rosemary, balsamic and gorgonzola is fantastico!

Some other combinations that use Colavita Olive Oil without a red sauce include – mushrooms, artichoke and prosciutto.

For a spicy appetizer, try Italian hot peppers, garlic and oregano.

For something quite unusual, how about Fingerling potatoes and radicchio.

Another interesting combination is spinach and ricotta, while a classic is pancetta and red onion.

For pizzas using a red sauce, here is one for the early riser – fresh mozzarella, eggs and arugula.

Something a little more traditional would include fresh parsley, baby bella mushrooms and onions.

One grilled pizza that may strike you as unique is assembled from drained chopped clams, fresh mozzarella, fresh arugula, fresh basil, Italian fryer peppers and roasted red peppers. The ingredients work very well together and it makes quite a delicious statement for the grill master.

When it comes to using the grill for pizza, your choice of toppings and creativity can be endless, just make sure that you start with Colavita ingredients!