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Publisher of the Italian Tribune Buddy Fortunato was recently interviewed by Anthony Pasquale, host of the Ciao Tony Show. From left are Anthony Pasquale, Marion Fortunato and Buddy Fortunato.

Ciao Tony Show Hosts Italian Tribune

Last week, Italian Tribune Publisher Buddy Fortunato appeared on the broadcast of the Ciao Tony Show, hosted by Italian personality Anthony Pasquale.

Mr. Pasquale immigrated to the United States in 1968 from the region of Campania and is the driving force behind ICN Radio, an Italian-language radio founded in 1983 by Sal Palmeri and owned by the Italian language daily newspaper America Oggi. Consisting of a mix of news, music and guest interviews, the program showcases the best in the Italian American community.

Buddy appeared on the radio program with his good friend, Chef Franco Lania, who talked about his new Tavola Tours adventure to Campania, Italy, which will take place in May. Also appearing were Linda Barba and Paul Turpanjian, Publishers of the DiningOut New Jersey magazine. The group enjoyed the banter as Buddy told of the 89-year history of the Italian Tribune and the famous and interesting personalities who have appeared in the paper and at its events.

The Ciao Tony Show live broadcasts are on Radio INC on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 1:30 pm and on Saturdays at 10:00 am (www.icnradio.com). You can also visit Anthony Pasquale’s Facebook page and link to his show which streams daily from 8:00 am ‘til 11:00 am.