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Having just returned from a fabulous culinary experience in the Piedmont region and then to Liguria and Tuscany, I picked up a few Italian expressions I would like to share with you.

  1. ‘Baci di Dama.’ ‘Lady’s Kiss’ is an almond cookie covered in chocolate and is a Piedmont specialty.
  2. ‘Alla Cacciatore’ really means ‘Hunter’s style’ and is usually meat or game in a sauce of tomato and wild mushrooms.
  3. A plate of ‘Marro’ is a specialty of L’Aquila in Abruzzo. It is a dish of lamb intestines with garlic, pancetta and rosemary.
  4. What a ‘Strozzapreti’ A form of tagliatelle that is twisted and thusly means ‘Priest stranglers.’
  5. What a ‘Stinchetti di Morto’ An Umbrian cookie meaning ‘Little bones of the dead.’ Usually made for All Souls Day.
  6. ‘Tonno di Coniglio’ is ‘Rabbit Tuna,’ a boneless rabbit, marinated and with a texture resembling tuna.
  7. What ‘Ragnosa’ A specialty from Piedmont, it is a frittata made with eggs, Parmigiano and salami and translated as ‘A Mess.’
  8. What a ‘Puddighinus’ A stuffing of a roasted ‘baby chicken’ with giblets, bread crumbs, egg and tomatoes from Sardinia.
  9. What a ‘Pupazze’ A Calabrian Easter bread called ‘Doll Babies,’ whose dough is braided around an egg.
  10. That ‘Ripieno’ means filled or stuffed.
  11. What a ‘Guastedde’ A specialty of Palermo, it is rolled bread containing caciocavallo cheese and spleen.
  12. The meaning of ‘Abboccato’ is a mouthful – filled to the brim.
  13. The meaning of ‘Al Mattone’ is ‘with a brick,’ the flattening of a chicken with a heavy brick or weight while cooking.
  14. ‘Mangiare Troppo’ means to overeat! What we did for two weeks.