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Essere Felici Come una Pasqua

Translation – To Be Happy Like an Easter.

Meaning – Easter is the day of the resurrection of Jesus and a day of great joy. When we say someone is as happy as an Easter, we mean that person is truly happy.


After this long and punishing winter, I find more symbolism and meaning in this Easter holiday. Unfortunately, there are too many of us who forget the true meaning of Easter and most likely never wonder why or what Easter means. Easter has nothing to do with candy, eggs or bunnies, but rather the resurrection of Jesus after he was crucified on a cross.

Jesus is the true representation of the sacrificial lamb as he was sent to mankind, by God, to take away the sins of the world. Prior to Jesus, religious leaders would sacrifice goats or lambs as an offering to be cleansed. Today, we no longer sacrifice animals to atone for our misdeeds for He was the final sacrifice. Jesus was pure and blameless, yet, He bore it all. This, my dear readers, is why Jesus Christ is called “The Lamb of God.”

When you gather around your festive table this Easter Sunday, please remember why there exists this great celebration and accept our Lord’s free gift of forgiveness. This should be a special time in your home and that is why in the last two issues we have brought you the customs and traditions of our shared heritage. It is my belief that our lives must have constants and in mine they have always been family, religion and our Italian culture. Easter is a holiday when each of these elements come together and we have a responsibility to teach our families the importance of them – sharing these customs, traditions and recipes with your children, grandchildren or siblings should give you a sense of pride.

Our immigrant family members must never be forgotten. They dreamed of coming to America and sacrificed a part of themselves to make it a reality. Most had no more than the money for their passage across the ocean…and took with them their culture and traditions. Please, take the time and make the effort to remember…your religious obligations…and your courageous ancestors this Easter Sunday.

Buona Pasqua to you and your family.

Cari lettori, Questi sono i

miei pensieri della settimana.

A.J. “Buddy” Fortunato