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Explore and Drink Liquid Gold at the Villadoria Winery

Picture 1

In the wine cellar at Villadoria with the winemaker-owner Daniele Lanzavecchia

Picture 2

Publisher Buddy Fortunato is welcomed to the Villadoria by owner Daniele Lanzavecchia.

Picture 3

Dr. Mike Sutton and his wife Debbie in the wine cellar in front of a huge barrel of ‘liquid gold.’

Picture 4

An exceptional and extensive lunch prepared for the Italian Tribune group in the Villadoria’s dining room was enjoyed by all. Joe and Linda Fabio and Dennis Del Mauro, right, listen attentively during the wine tasting.

Picture 5

Phil Geron and Karen Shaneen during the Villadoria wine tasting, loving the Barolo and the private lunch for the Tribune group.

Picture 6

In the heart of Barolo is the Villadoria Winery, which contains 50 acres of vineyards and an historic farmhouse. From left are Dr. Mike Sutton, Mike Atiyeh, Joe Fabio, Rachel and Dennis Del Mauro.