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The Borgias - Cesare, Lucrezia with their father Pope Alexander VI. Cesare appears to be offering a glass of wine, probably laced with the Borgias poison of choice cantarella, to a dispensable guest.

Anello Dedicates a Letter to Bill de Blasio to Keep Columbus Statue

Since your “Monuments Commission” recently met, I am writing this letter to voice my opposition to any plan to remove or in any way modify the statues of Christopher Columbus that grace New York City, a metropolis that has some of the most beautiful statues in the United States, including the statue of the great explorer at Columbus Circle. It is a masterpiece of art.

Additionally, it has tremendous importance to the Italian American community and to all Italians. By removing this statue you would violate the ideals of every Italian American and betray their culture. The Taliban destroys monuments, the City of New York should not! We will be closely watching you and reporting your actions on Italian American Radio. Contact us for an in-person interview where you can explain your actions at www.italianamericanradio.com.

John Anello Jr.

Italian American Radio