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Respected Abruzzo Reps to Visit NY Abruzzese Community

The President of the Abruzzo Regional Council, Arch. Giuseppe Di Pangrazio, announced that he will visit New York City during the Columbus Day celebrations. Dr. Di Pangrazio will be accompanied by his secretary, Dr. Gino Milano and Dr. Goffredo Palmerini, a journalist and former Deputy Mayor of Aquila. His primary goal will be to meet with the large Abruzzese community in New York. The Orsogna Mutual Aid Society, the largest Abruzzese social club in New York City, will host a dinner in his honor on Friday, October 6, at the 18th Street clubhouse in Astoria, Queens. Also attending will be Rocco Pace, President of the New Orsogna Club and their members located in upper Ditmars, Astoria. In addition, renowned playwright and theater critic Prof. Mario Fratti, a prominent Abruzzese from Aquila, will be in attendance.

The delegation will also be marching in the Columbus Day Parades in Manhattan and in Astoria, Queens and attending various events throughout the Columbus Day weekend. They will also be visiting the Italian American Museum in Manhattan’s Little Italy.

President Carlucci welcomes and encourages any and all Abruzzesi who wish to attend the event. Please contact Sarah Tenaglia at (347) 256-3454 to make your reservations. Tickets for the event are $30 per person, which includes dinner. The event will be held at the Clubhouse, 26-23 18th Street, Astoria, NY at 7:00 pm. The Orsogna Mutual Aid Society was founded in 1939 to assist immigrants from the small town of Orsogna in the province of Chieti in Abruzzo and helps preserve their rich traditions and culture.