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LARGE HEAD West Orange Mayor in Our Hall of Shame

Once again, Christopher Columbus and our heritage have come under fire. This time from a fascist group that wants to obliterate the history of the greatest nation our world ever knew. In the center of the protests being conducted about racism, any recognition of the Great Navigator from Genoa, Italy, has been wrongly included by the beheading of Columbus statues.

These revisionists who are fascists, are parading about as a culture of morality but are no more than a culture of hate. Witness the bowing to the politically correct mob as they are demanding that cartoon characters Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam and Paw Patrol no longer carry guns. We now witness the great explorer being included with make-believe. Truly, Looney Tunes!

Why are not the leading Italian American organizations equipped to combat these attacks and defend the Italian American heritage and its contributions? They spend too much time raising funds for scholarships and not enough educating our youth about what he has meant to this nation – named for an Italian. Why not teach the significance of Columbus in our schools through a one day class financed by the ‘paper tiger’ organizations? I am tired of the lies about enslaving American Indians, while Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba and other island nations, with most of Europe, adore and celebrate the Great Genoese. As a matter of fact, the National Anthem of Puerto Rico salutes Columbus.

One such naïve and ignorant individual is the Mayor of West Orange, New Jersey, Robert Parisi, who okayed the tearing down of the Columbus monument in his town, declaring the “legend does not match history” and Columbus was a “racist.” This latest addition to the “panderers club” has no idea of the strong moral fiber that flowed through the body of Columbus. Again, allow me to remind you that the Catholic Church seriously considered him for sainthood. Those Italian immigrants in Parisi’s family who sacrificed and laid the foundation for him to become Mayor cannot be proud of his weakness to a political minority by erasing the recognition of those who came before him. He has exposed himself as a fool, not a leader. I want to know why his town is better without that monument, for the world is a better place because of Columbus, who looked at America as a rebirth of mankind and the growth of the Catholic Church. He innovated maritime technology and travel and it was he who connected cultures. Due to his enlightenment of exploration, world trade born. It was Columbus who opened the gateway to the New World. His explorations had the greatest impact on the cultural development of America and is taught in classrooms throughout the world. But not here because of a culture of hate and no morality. For those of you who are globalists, it is Columbus who was the first!

West Orange’s Mayor talks about slavery and racism but shows his ignorance to slavery still existing in Africa. It existed years before Columbus came here between native tribes. Two hundred years after Columbus set foot on this hemisphere, powerful Kings in what is now the country of Benin in Africa, captured and sold men, women and children from rival tribes into slavery. They did not come to America because of Christopher Columbus!

To Mayor Parisi – educate yourself and stop believing in political propaganda.

I have said this before but I am going to say it again. The recent beheadings of Columbus statues are a beheading of your Italian family’s American experience and contributions. What are you going to do about it? If you do not stand up, then who will???