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Italy Named Best Country in the World

The readers of  Conde Nast Traveler, often described as the Bible of discerning voyagers, has named Italy the Best Country in the World. We could not agree more. Italy has spawned more inventions that the world takes for granted than we can list. It has a history and a past that is both remarkable and remarkably fascinating. As for culture, the list from Julius Caesar to Michelangelo, Leonardo to Sophia Loren, Fellini to Columbus is packed with names of the illustrious, the geniuses and the beautiful…a caliber of men and women that have gracefully entered the world through the beams of sunlight shone on this wondrous place. And then there are two words that convey so much that volumes have been written about them, cuisine and wine.

There is no bond like that of family and it spans the generations in Italy, providing a model for the world to follow.
You would expect that Rome, the capital of the world’s best country, would be phenomenal...and it is. There is a reason it is known as the Eternal City.

Is there any place on Earth that can compare to the cuisine served in Italy? The country is so amazing that each region offers up its own foods, each meticulously refined through the ages. The argument is not whether the best food in the world is in Italy, but whether it is in northern Italy or southern Italy. The latter might be the popular choice, but then it comes down to Sicily, Campania or Puglia. In such a list there are only winners, although Sicily gets the nod when it comes to desserts. When it comes to wine, the diversity of Italian wines is unrivaled in the world. There are literally hundreds of grape varieties and the names of the most noble wines such as Barolo and Brunello, have a musical quality all their own. Not only are the foods the best in the world, individual ingredients leave no doubt as to why. No other country has the lush quality of Italian olive oil, the character of Prosciutto di Parma and the variety of cheeses seems endless…Such is the universe where Italy is placed at the center and is unquestionably the Best Country in the World.