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Mario Draghi, Italy’s new Prime Minister.

Italy has New Prime Minister

Some say, as is the case with the weather, if you don’t like Italy’s government, just wait and it will change. For the 67th time since the end of WWII, Italy is forming a new government. President Sergio Mattarella asked the former head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi to take over as Prime Minister. Dubbed “Super Mario” for extricating the Eurozone from its debt crisis a decade ago, Draghi quickly rallied numerous political players behind him. The man behind the collapse of the last government, Matteo Renzi, himself a former Prime Minister, has thrown the support of his small Italian Viva party behind the new PM. The left of center Democratic Party (PD) and Silvio Berlusconi’s right of center Forza Italia (FI) party have also pledged support. In a move surprising most political analysts, the two other largest parties in Italy, the far-right League led by Matteo Salvini and the left wing Five Star Movement (M5S), both signaled readiness for the economist to form a new government. The question remains as to which party will gain the upper hand and how long the coalition will last.