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Spello in the Umbrian Province of Perugia, is one of the most beautiful towns in Italy.

Ask the Concierge: The Hillside Town of Spello

The town of spello

Approximately 90 miles north of Rome and set among rolling hills, Umbria is famous for its exceptionally well-preserved medieval towns. This area is also known for some of Italy’s best wines, culinary specialties, olive oil, truffles and porcini mushrooms. A perfect example of the undeniable charm and appeal of the region is the ancient hillside town of Spello. Situated on a hill about 900 feet above sea level, it is considered to be the most perfect example of an Italian city of the middle ages.

The visual delights of Spello are captivating, as a stroll through its lanes and alleys reveal.

Spello is one of the jewels of Umbria and one that will undoubtedly cast its spell over you. It is the kind of location that every traveler hopes to find. Enclosed in a circuit of medieval walls on Roman foundations, the town has three Roman period gates and traces of three more, as well as the remains of an amphitheatre. There are numerous medieval gates and almost two dozen small churches, most of which also date to the Middle Ages. It is a place where the traditions of its people and authenticity of the land causes your heart to soar.

Infiorate di Spello is the annual flower festival of Spello, where the streets are literally covered in theme-based carpets of flowers.

spello's ceramics

Local craftsmanship is evident and characterizes the town. An example is the ceramics, often created using the Colombino technique, perhaps the oldest form of modeling clay. The artisan rolls pieces of clay with his or her hands on a work surface until long cylinders are formed, which are attached to one another and carefully shaped to virtually any desired shape. After firing, the pieces are glazed and then fired again.

A one-of-a-kind vase in the studio of Francesca Greco.
Glazed ceramics by multi-talented Francesca Greco.

Francesca gerco's artistry

One of the Spello’s artisans, Francesca Greco, is an illustrator and painter. After studying art and literature, she began to collaborate with Italian and American publishers. In her studio you will find innumerable poetic objects, each with its own character and identity. Each of her hand painted ceramics are unique and have been displayed in numerous exhibitions. Her talents even extend to textile painting and her wallpaper for Devon & Devon was presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Whimsical glazed bowls in the artisan's Spello studio.

the scenic views of spello

Visitors breathe in the clear air as they take in flower-filled walkways, stone houses and the winding cobbled streets of the town. Spello bursts with colors from the spring all the way through autumn. The view of the mountains is as glorious as the views of the Topino Valley and nearby Assisi, which spread out before you. Beautiful apartments may be rented in the town and you can visit www.buonanottebarbanera.it to find out more. The scenic and idyllic vistas will leave an indelible picture in your memory and the simplicity and mysticism will penetrate your soul.

Francesca Greco’s wallpaper design for Devon & Devon.