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8 Must-Visit Beaches in New Jersey

Are you searching for a perfect beach to soak up the sun and indulge your beach dreams? Have you considered visiting Jersey Shore? If not, you’ve come to the right place. Italian Tribune singled out eight must-visit beaches in New Jersey for you. Whether searching for calm or vibrant touristy beaches, you’ll definitely find one on our list. With approximately 130 miles of pristine coastline, New Jersey offers splendid beaches where you can enjoy gently crashing waves, dazzling sun, and lively beach activities. Wonder which beach to choose? Check our list of 8 must-visit beaches in New Jersey and narrow down your choice. Now, let’s jump and dive into some of the best New Jersey beaches. Enjoy this virtual voyage.

Jersey Shore at its finest

Although New Jersey is primarily nicknamed The Garden State, it could easily be called The Beaches State since its home to 44 beaches spanning nearly 130 miles of pristine coastline. It doesn’t matter whether you are searching for a secluded beach or one that offers family-friendly or partying activities – the New Jersey beaches are a perfect match. Jersey Shore has something for everyone. With its unique breath-taking settings and thrilling summer atmosphere, the Jersey coastline will make you forget about problems. Not sure which beach to choose? Check our list and mark your calendar.

8 Must-visit beaches in New Jersey

Choosing the best beach in New Jersey is not an easy venture. However, we’ve managed to narrow down the choice. While there are many beautiful beaches you should visit, the following is the list of 8 NJ beaches you must add to your itinerary. Who knows, maybe after your visit, the beaches will become one of the biggest reasons for you to move to New Jersey.

Cape May is one of the 8 must-visit beaches in New Jersey
New Jersey is home to many pristine beaches

Cape May Beach – the most popular NJ beach

Unbeatably the most charming NJ beach, Cape May, offers a mixture of dream-like sea views and scenic architectural spots. Visiting Cape May is like stepping into the mid-18 century due to its incredible picturesque Victorian architecture, which perfectly matches the sandy beaches and turquoise water. It is home to a fascinating Cape May Lighthouse built back in 1857. Since it’s 2.5 miles long, there is truly a stretch of sea and sand for everyone who wants to find ample space for relaxing and lapping up the sunshine. It’s divided into 16 beaches, and what’s peculiar, most of them are named after the nearest street, such as Beach Avenue, for example. Wonder what to do in Cape May? A plethora of idyllic spots is awaiting you. If you are open to touring, visit the previously mentioned lighthouse and enjoy the view from the top of it. Visit Cape May County Park and Zoo or Fireman’s Museum, and if you want to refresh, don’t miss the delicious homemade ice cream at Uncle Charley’s Ice Cream.

Bonus: Beach tags are required, and you can buy them at nearby kiosks.

Ocean City Beach – perfect for families

Similar to Cape May, Ocean City Beach is divided into several beaches. Nicknamed America’s Greatest Family Resort, the beach is perfect for families with children who want to escape the beach-party noise. However, it offers numerous spots for activities, such as amusement and water parks, dining places, ice cream shops, and other fun places. And, if you are a mini-golf lover, then Ocean City beach is a perfect fit since it offers many mini-golf courses. If you are looking for other ways to cool, you can enjoy activities like kayaking, parasailing, paddleboarding, and dolphin watching. And if you like exercising, there are many ways to get a workout on vacation. Whichever beach activity you choose, one thing is sure – Ocean City Beach’s ambiance will make you go back to this beautiful beach.

Ocean Grove Beach

According to vanexpressnj.com experts, Ocean Grove Beach is another perfect beach for families. Thanks to its shallow waters, a long boardwalk, essential beach amenities, and lifeguards, it offers families a complete experience. Besides, there are many popular activities such as water sports and kite flying events. There’s also a contest in the sandcastle building, which would be interesting for both children and adults.

A beach in New Jersey

Wildwood Beach

If you are looking for beach entertainment, you should visit Wildwood Beach. It offers numerous activities such as kayaking, jet skiing, and surfing. Besides, the beach is home to many festivals, the most famous being Wildwood’s International Kite Festival. On the other hand, if you visit the beach with your children, you can go to the Seaport Aquarium.

Must-visit Beaches in New Jersey: Asbury Park Beach

Famous for its boardwalk, Asbury Park Beach is a mile long and is one of the best NJ beaches you can visit. However, Asbury Park Beach is most famous for being a seaside music hub due to an impressive number of concerts. The representation of its music scene is definitely Stone Pony, a venue that helped the careers of Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi. The beach offers plenty of activities and has become pet-friendly. It seems like Asbury Park Beach has it all. From pristine beaches, an excellent musical vibe, and numerous activities to a pet-friendly atmosphere, the beach has something for everyone.

Avon by the Sea

If you want to be close to close to Asbury Park Beach, head to Avon by the Sea Beach. The beach is open all year round. However, you’ll need to purchase the beach tag for the summertime in advance since the beach tends to be crowded during that period.

Sandy Hook – “As wild as you want to be”

If you want to spend some quiet time on the beach, visit Sandy Hook. It is one of the rarest secluded beaches New Jersey has to offer. Here, you can enjoy swimming, windsurfing, fishing, kiteboarding, and biking within its Gateway National Recreation Area, which is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. However, one of the best ways to experience the beach is through canoe tours, where you can see the landmarks such as Sandy Hook LighthouseBattery Mills, and Fort Hancock.

Sunset at the beach
Whichever NJ beach you choose to visit, you’ll enjoy beautiful sunsets

Manasquan Beach – “A happy place”

If you want to run away from beach commercialism, you are in the right place. Manasquan is one of those gorgeous beaches that you must visit. It’s no wonder that the singer Bruce Springsteen called it his “happy place.” In Manasquan, you can enjoy a mile-beach stretch, white sands, delicious cuisine, a waterfront promenade, and much more. Besides, here you can get in touch with polite locals, which will contribute to the overall vibe and impression of the place.

Want to live near the beach?

Living near the beach is almost everyone’s dream, and now, in the technological era, it’s even more possible than ever. So, why not use this opportunity and choose to work from a place with a sea view. And New Jersey is a perfect fit. Jersey Shore offers plenty of life and work opportunities, but at the same time, it provides calmness and happiness. So, if you want to make NJ your home, explore its beach towns, hire professional interstate movers, and experience life near the beach. You might not know how stressful city life may be until you move to the beach and experience the serenity that life by the water offers. And although moving is a difficult decision, especially if you are moving interstate, allow yourself to experience a different life. Seize the opportunity to wake up with ocean vistas every day.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of splendid beaches in New Jersey, and whichever you choose to visit, you won’t regret it. Although it is hard to single out the most beautiful ones, we’ve managed to narrow down the choice. There are the 8 Must-Visit Beaches in New Jersey, so hit the road and explore each one of them. Enjoy beautiful sunsets, clear turquoise water, entertaining beach activities, and experience peace of mind only Jersey Shore can offer.