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Today’s Women in History Month Feature Dedicated Artists

March is Women in History Month and throughout the issues this month, the Italian Tribune will bring features on influential women from centuries past, as well as from more recent times. You will read about women who changed society, both in Italy and in the United States; women who enriched the world through the arts, who left their mark in the sciences, in politics and in business. Let us celebrate women in history and honor the many that might otherwise go unnoticed, but who made their world a better place than they found it.

In this edition, we feature a dedicated group of artists, historians and restoration experts who have labored to remove centuries of decay and reverse the effects of deterioration that have afflicted the works of women artists from the Renaissance era all the way through the 20th century. Many of these previously forgotten works have languished in storage facilities throughout Italy and have been brought back to life by the Advancing Women Artist’s Foundation.