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The Perfect Ring for the Perfect Bride

Perhaps nothing in life is as difficult as finding your soulmate – but once you have, you’ll want to give her a stunning engagement ring as a sign of your love and devotion. If you are a traditionalist, you’ll want the big day of your proposal to be a surprise and since a key element of that day, besides asking her to be your wife, is to present her with an engagement ring – how shall you begin? Your soon-to-be betrothed may have dropped hints, without your realizing it. She is sure to have a setting in mind and the cut of the stone. You might ask her best friend for advice, but if you really want to keep your intentions a secret until the big moment, you’ll have to do some research. It begins by taking note of the style of jewelry that she wears. Is the color primarily gold or silver?

There are many beautiful style bands and settings in yellow gold, rose gold and platinum, but once you have determined the color, don’t for a moment believe that your research has concluded. Does she prefer vintage styles of jewelry to modern pieces, does she go for simple elegance or prefer a bit of bling? The setting refers to the piece that holds the gemstone in place. It is attached to the band. Generally, settings are either referred to as “pronged” or “invisible.” You should remember that the setting will influence how high the diamond sits. If your loved one is very active, a high setting may not be the ideal choice, since the gemstone may be more susceptible to damage during her activities and that would be the last thing that anyone wants!

Then there is the shape of the stone and the 4Cs. All diamonds are rated in the categories of cut, color, clarity and carat – the 4 Cs that you will ultimately become very familiar with. The cut relates to the facets on the stone that are the angles which gather and reflect light. These cuts play a significant role in the brilliance of the stone. The shape of the stone is a different matter. It may be round, oval, pear, emerald, princess or marquis as some of the more popular shapes. You’ll need to find out what shape your love truly desires.

Choosing the ring size of the band is an important part of choosing the right engagement ring. One way to determine her ring size is to bring one of her rings to a jeweler; provided you can sneak it out! A less accurate method is to start with the knowledge that the average ring size is seven. Then it becomes a bit of a guessing game. Is her ring finger bigger or smaller than average? If you’re unsure, going with a bigger size is the better option. It is easier for a jeweler to size a ring down than it is to size it up and if you propose with a ring that is too small she won’t be able to wear it until it is sized, sure to put a bit of a damper on the day.

Since there are so many questions involved, it is crucial that you select the right jeweler. Look for a store that makes you feel comfortable, where the staff is pleasant and helpful and where their advice makes sense and feels right. A reliable jewelers who offers a stunning and diverse array of options to choose from is Anthony Laurence Jewelers, located at 139 Milburn Avenue in Milburn. The store’s knowledgeable staff will be able to answer all of your questions, while helping you to pick the perfect ring for your perfect woman.