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Waiters Fined in Popular Tourist Resorts as Fight Breaks Out

In Italy’s popular tourist resorts, it’s common to see waiters standing outside restaurants, chatting to potential customers and beckoning them in. But the mayor of Taormina, Sicily, has now banished waiters from the pavement in the town’s historic center. The measure comes after a brawl between waiters at two rival restaurants which saw seven people reported to police. The new regulation orders restaurant owners to “ensure that their staff in charge of welcoming guests remain within the area belonging to the business.” Owners are also required to “immediately install railings” to mark out the space they are permitted to use. Failure to comply can lead to a fine of up to €500.

The Best Pizza in Italy

The Gambero Rosso, the equivalent of the Michelin guide for Italian foodies, has released its annual list of the best spots to get pizza throughout the country and noted a growth in the country’s pizza-making industry. Writers of the guide noted that “pizza is having a moment,” with more and more millennials turning to the traditional craft and excelling in pizza-making. Across the country, 54 pizzerias were awarded with the prestigious ‘Tre Spicchi’ (Three Slices) distinction. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the region of Campania, the home of pizza, had the most award-winning pizzerias, followed by Tuscany and Lazio, which garnered prizes for the thicker crust pizza favored in the region.

A 145-Year-Old Start-up

On October 4th, Pirelli will be listed on the Borsa Italiana S.p.A, more commonly known as the Milan Stock Exchange. This follows the news of the biggest new share offering in Europe this year. The manufacturer, an icon of Italian industry famous for providing Formula One racing tires, was delisted in 2015 after being bought out by a foreign-owned company. Following restructuring of the business units, it now seems that the group’s high-tech tires segment will be floated as an initial public offering next month. Chief executive Marco Tronchetti Provera joked that the reshaped business was being touted as a 145-year-old start-up. The company had sales of almost a billion euros last year.

No Holiday from Honesty

Last week, a 67-year-old British woman arrived in Venice during her vacation. While visiting the Rio dei Tre Ponti canal, she came across a plastic bag that was partially hidden among shrubbery. Not wanting to see litter spoil the lovely scene, she picked it up to deposit in the trash. Imagine her surprise when she noticed that the bag was filled with euros! As the mother of a police officer back in the UK, she immediately suspected that the money might be related to some illicit activity and marched straight to the local police. The bills amounted to €2,700. The police praised the tourist for her honesty. “She could have kept the money and no one would have been the wiser,” said one officer. “It helps to re-instill one’s faith in people.” The woman insisted that there was nothing special about her actions, it was simply the right thing to do.

Art Exhibit Under Scrutiny

Almost a century after his death, Amedeo Modigliani’s art continues to be as troubled as his short-lived artist’s career. An exhibit featuring 60 works by the Livorese painter was recently shown at Genoa’s Palazzo Ducale. The show was almost soon halted as Italian authorities looked into claims that 21 of the pieces displayed were forgeries. Police were alerted by an art collector, who saw one of the pieces online and described it as a “shameless fake, created 20 years ago.” Another expert confirmed the claim, leading to doubt being cast on 20 other pieces in the collection. The closing of the show was most unfortunate. In the short time that it was open, the exhibit drew over 100,000 visitors, making it one of the most popular art exhibits in Italy this year and those numbers are no fake!

Armani Lightens Up Milan Show

Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani set aside his iconic grey and neutral shades and went with bright colors and a bold palette for his 2018 spring-summer collection. Armani’s green, pink and pastels gave lightness to the feminine and soft silhouettes of the collection he debuted at the Women’s Wear Fashion shows in Milan. Highlights for next spring-summer include Armani’s classic pantsuit style in a sensual organza, short skirts with tulip hemlines, little cocktail dresses and feather-light duster coats. Accessories gave an eccentric twist with maxi plastic earrings, beanies with colorful pompoms and high-impact necklaces and rings. The 83-year-old designer repeatedly layered floral patterns over black. “I respond to sadness with color,” Armani said. The collection, he said, is an homage to painting with “a touch of impressionism.”