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Festa Della Donna Keynote Speaker - Marisa Iocco

Orsogna Society Celebrates 2018 Festa Della Donna

The Orsogna Mutual Aid Society will celebrate its 4th Annual Festa Della Donna in honor of International Women’s Day. The luncheon is being on Sunday, March 4th at the organization’s headquarters, 2623 18th Street in Long Island City, New York.

The keynote speaker will be Marisa Iocco, an award-winning chef, author and the Executive Chef and owner of Spiga Restaurant in Needham, Massachusetts. Born in Orsogna in the region of Abruzzo, Marisa trained in architecture, fine art and the fine art of cooking. Today she is one of the Boston area’s foremost Italian-born female executive chefs. Her artist’s passion, architect’s eye and commitment to the integrity of culinary creations are a celebration of skill and prowess.

Chef Iocco stated, “In my opinion, heritage is something we never lose. It follows us wherever we go. It gives us strength when we need it. Feeding people has helped me maintain my heritage away from my home and the family I love so much and to think that an organization such as this has invited me here to express something I love deeply – connecting with people through my heritage and through food – it is a blessing.”

In addition, Cav. Josephine A. Maietta, President of the Association of Italian American Educators, will give a presentation on the tragedy of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. Tenor Antonio Guarna will entertain the guests with favorite Italian arias. The luncheon will include culinary specials prepared by Tony Carlucci, president of Orsogna MAS, who also serves as executive chef for the organization.

Uff. Maria Fosco, vice president of the Italian American Museum and event chair stated, “I am thrilled that we received such a response from the women in our community. It is a reflection of the times we live in and a message we are sending to support young women for their future roles.”

In 1913, International Women’s Day was set on the date of March 8th and has remained the global date ever since. The Orsogna Mutual Aid Society was founded in 1939 to assist their co-patriots as they immigrated from Orsogna, Province of Chieti in Abruzzo, Italy to the United States.