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Nutella Biscuits Are the Biggest Selling Product on the Italian Cookie Market

In just one year, the gooey goodness of Nutella has driven sales to more than one billion cookies. Launched in November of 2019 after years of development and debate, the demand for the cookies made by Nutella’s parent company Ferrero has vastly exceeded expectations. The elegant treat has a cookie shell, a filling of Nutella and an upper cookie that has an embossed heart and an inset letter ‘n.’ The company anticipated first year sales of 25 million packages, but instead sold nearly double that amount. The Nutella cookie is now the biggest selling product on the Italian cookie market. This tasty treat fies off the shelves as soon as shipments arrive. The cookies, which are made in Ferrero’s Basilicata plant in Balvano, are in such short supply that a $95 million addition to the production line is being added. Once full production is reached later this year, exports to the U.S. market will be considered.