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Marion’s Plethora of Italian-Style Thanksgiving Celebrations

Stuff the Turkey – Not Yourself!

When celebrating the signature American holiday of Thanksgiving, those of us who claim Italian heritage love to add antipasti and a pasta dish – often lasagna – to our already overwhelming afternoon meal. While Thanksgiving offers a plethora of goodies for everyone at the table, Italian Americans take their Thanksgiving tradition from their ancestors who arrived in America not knowing what the holiday was because it isn’t celebrated in Italy. They then “Italianized” it and made it a bountiful food holiday.

We know that after eating tacchino (turkey), lasagna and all the rest of your family’s Italian and American favorites, you will be wondering how you’re going to manage to fit into your festive Christmas Eve dress…not to mention how you’ll be able to clean the kitchen…while the men in your family, feeling the effects of tryptophan, sleep on the couch.

This week we offer some delightful dishes that will satisfy your desire for Italian cooking and also ‘lighten up’ your Thanksgiving festa, only a little.