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Villa Bibbiani in Tuscany

16th Century Historic Tuscan Villa Is Finally Sold for 10 Million Euros

The prestigious and historic “Villa Bibbiani,” a Tuscan estate owned by the noble Frescobaldi family since the 16th century, has recently been sold for approximately 10 million euros. The new owner, an as yet unnamed wealthy U.S. citizen, has pledged another 20 million euros for the restoration of the villa and the extensive grounds that surround it. The buyer will be setting up a new agricultural estate for wine and oil production and supporting cultural activities in the area.

For centuries, the Frescobaldi’s were one of the most powerful noble families in Florence. The majestic Villa Bibbiani is in the town of Capraia e Limite and has a total of 380 hectares of grounds. The spectacular villa also included, a farm with houses, wine cellars and stables, plus a 20-hectare, 19th century botanical garden.

The villa is first mentioned in documents dating from 1546 as a property of the Frescobaldi family, who had been powerful bankers in Florence for hundreds of years, beginning in the 13th century. The property remained in the hands of the family until the death of Anastasia Frescobaldi in 1809, when it was inherited by her son, Cosimo Ridolfi, who initiated the creation of the botanical garden.