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Historic Italian Coins Exhibit from the Tyrant Collection Starts September 6

An unprecedented public exhibit in Long Beach, California, of historic gold and silver coins of Italy will include early Christian money depicting images of Jesus Christ, Saint Mark and John the Baptist portrayed on centuries-old coins. The exhibit will be open to the public at the Long Beach Coin, Currency, Stamp and Sports Collectible Expo from September 6th to 8th.

These important coins are from The Tyrant Collection, the world’s most valuable rare coin collection in private hands. The focus of the exhibit is on coins depicting rulers of the Roman Empire and Italian City-States, dating back to 485 BC.

Some of the significant coins issued during the Middle Ages and Renaissance had religious themes. One of the most valuable items in the exhibit is a gold coin issued between 1625 and 1629 that depicts the ruler of Venice, Doge Giovanni I, on his knees receiving a blessing from St. Mark, the patron saint of Venice. The reverse side of the coin portrays Christ giving a benediction.

A total of 365 coins are in the $8 million display entitled, “Tyrants of the Tyrrhenian and Adriatic Seas,” celebrating numismatic treasures from Sicily on the south to Turin on the north. Although the owner of The Tyrant Collection wishes to remain anonymous, he is sharing his collection’s coins with the public for their educational value in a multi-year series of different displays in Long Beach. The show will be held at the Long Beach, California Convention Center, 100 S. Pine Avenue. For more information go to www.LongBeachExpo.com.