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Important Lessons to Know About il Periodo Pasqual

Buona Pasqua – Happy Easter

Easter time in Italy is known as il Periodo Pasquale and is still firmly rooted in religious traditions. The following are a few practical expressions that are good to know this time of year.

Important Days of Lent:

Domenica delle Palme                             Palm Sunday

Giovedì Santo                                            Holy Thursday

Venerdì Santo                                            Good Friday

Sabato Santo                                              Holy Saturday or Vigil of Easter

Pasqua                                                         Easter Sunday

Pasquetta                                                    Easter Monday or Little Easter

Pentecoste                                                  Pentecost

Words Associated with Easter:

La processione                                         Procession

La ceremonia                                           Ceremony

La Santa Messa                                       Mass

Falò                                                            Bonfire

La Passione                                              The Passion

La croce                                                    Cross

Il Cenacolo or                                          The Last Supper

L’Ultima Cena

Il discepolo                                              Disciple

Ponzio Pilato                                           Pontius Pilate

As always, food takes center stage in any Italian celebration and Easter is no exception. Chocolate at this time of year is almost always in the shape of an egg followed by chocolate crosses. Breads made during Easter are beyond the imagination with almost every region boasting one or two specialties. The one bread that is common to the entire country is the traditional columba, a sweet bread shaped like a dove. Here are some vocabulary words for Easter foods.

Il pane                                                      Bread

L’agnello                                                  Lamb

La cioccolata                                           Chocolate

L’uovo                                                      Egg