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Taking Christ down from the cross on Good Friday

Famous Docu-Film ll Raccontatore to Be Shown on Holy Week Traditions

A wonderful and inspiring docufilm titled “ll Raccontatore” (The Storyteller) by Giancarlo Mogavero will be presented with English subtitles at 7:00 pm on Friday, March 22nd at High Point School, located at 60 Spring Street in Lodi, New Jersey. The film will be also be shown on at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, March 26th, at the Federation of Italian American Organizations Hall located at 8711 18th Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. Both viewings are free and open to the public.

“ll Raccontatore” is in part, an autobiographical story. The idea was conceived by director Giancarlo Mogavero following the filming of the processions, mysteries and Easter celebration in San Cataldo Sicily (outside Palermo). Having filmed the footage in 2017, he decided to create the film in which a grandfather explains the significance of the Holy Week traditions to his grandson and takes viewers on an emotional journey through the evocative rites of Easter.

The screenings are sponsored by the Associazione Cavalieri della Repubblica Italiana of New Jersey and with the cooperation of various Italian organizations in New Jersey and New York. For further information, please contact Cav. Angelo Bio, Vice President, OMRI, NJ at 973-477-7803.