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New Kearny Bank Vice President - Donna DeMatteo.

DeMatteo Is Appointed as New Vice President of Kearny Bank

Spring Lake, New Jersey, resident Donna DeMatteo was recently appointed Vice President and Small Business Banker by Kearny Bank. In this role, DeMatteo is focused on Monmouth County, with overseeing multiple Kearny Bank offices located there.

DeMatteo’s specific responsibilities include collaborating with individual Monmouth County office managers to enhance business development, client retention, expansion and community development, with an overall goal of increasing satisfaction among current customers and also attracting new customers.

“Donna has a compelling vision for connecting team members from our various Monmouth County locations, then uniting them in pursuit of new, common goals,” said Linda Hanlon, Senior Vice President and Director of Retail Banking for Kearny Bank.

Prior to joining Kearny Bank, DeMatteo was based in Minneapolis and worked in the banking industry for 28 years. She is Director Emeritus of Wingspan Life Resources, a St. Paul, Minnesota-based non-profit organization dedicated to assisting adults with developmental disabilities.