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Curiosità Italiana

  1. What Italian city is home to five world-ranked universities?
  2. “Rialto” was the original name of what Italian group of islands?
  3. Noted architect Robert Venturi is credited with being the father of what architectural style?
  4. What famous Italian opera house was built on the site of an old church known as Santa Maria della Scala?
  5. St. Ignatius College, which was founded by the Italian saint’s followers known as Jesuits, later became what noted California university?
  6. What federal cabinet position did Benjamin Civiletti hold from 1978 to 1981?
  7. What was the first city in the world to have a hat shop?
  8. The game Calico originated in Italy in the 15th century and is still referred by that name by most in Italy. What do we in America call the game?
  9. Who was the first Italian American to be awarded the Heisman Trophy, emblematic of the most outstanding college football player?
  10. Who holds the record for the most consecutive Grand Prixes victories?


  1. Milan
  2. Venice
  3. Postmodernism
  4. La Scala in Milan
  5. University of San Francisco
  6. United States Attorney General
  7. Milan, hence, the name for a hat shop – millinery.
  8. Soccer
  9. Angelo Bertelli, University of Notre Dame
  10. Alberto Ascari for Scuderia Ferrari, with nine wins in 1952-53, a record that was only tied 60 years later.