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Curiosità Italiana

  1. What is the name of the greatest celebration in Siena held each year during the months of July and August?
  2. Gennaro Lombardi is credited for what endeavor?
  3. What is the standard greeting when answering the telephone in Italy?
  4. In what area of Italy is the Festa di San Paolino celebrated?
  5. The zampogna is a musical instrument. By what name is it better known?
  6. Which elegant grape is used to produce the wonderful Italian wine Barbaresco?
  7. Who designed the Statue of Liberty?
  8. How did the term “taxi” originate?
  9. What is insalata di mare?
  10. What famous diet recommends the daily consumption of olive oil?


  1. Corsa del Palio or “Parade of the Banner” horserace
  2. He opened the first pizzeria in America in 1905
  3. “Pronto!”
  4. Nola, in the Campania region
  5. The bagpipe
  6. Nebbiolo
  7. Frederic Bartholdi
  8. From the Tasso family in Italy. They moved to Germany and changed their name to the Germanic “Taxis” and began a business of transporting objects and the like from one area to another
  9. Seafood Salad
  10. The world renowned Mediterranean Diet