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Answering 10 Big Questions of Curiosità Italiana

  1. Born in Genoa on June 22, 1805, I am known for my work in unifying Italy in the 1800s and am often referred to as the “Father of the Italian nation.” Who am I?
  2. Only one person in New York City’s history succeeded in defeating the mayoral nominees of both the Democratic and Republican parties. This person ran on the Experience Party ticket in 1949. Name this Palermo-born mayor.
  3. Name the opera considered to have the oldest known musical score.
  4. Approximately what percentage of Italians only speak their native Italian language and no foreign language?
  5. Which classic television cartoon characters were invented by Italian Americans?
  6. The art of shoemaking began in which Italian city in the 12th century?
  7. Who is the first Italian woman to win a Grammy music award?
  8. Which major mountain chain runs through the central heart of Italy?
  9. What occupation is a cameriere?
  10. What does an Italian say when he sends you good wishes?


  1. Giuseppe Garibaldi
  2. Vincent Impellitteri
  3. Euridice
  4. Nearly 60 percent. In Europe, only the Irish and British have higher percentages of people speaking only their native language.
  5. Hanna-Barbera created Donald Duck, Woody Woodpecker and Casper the Friendly Ghost
  6. Venice
  7. Laura Pausini in 2006
  8. Apennine
  9. Waiter
  10. Auguri