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10 Big Questions We Can Answer from Curiosità Italiana

  1. In 1493, Columbus made his second voyage across the Atlantic. On this voyage, he sailed with seventeen ships and 1,500 sailors. Where did he explore?
  2. What distinction is held by the Fratellanza Society, founded in Saint Louis in 1866?
  3. Which famous Leonardo da Vinci painting, commissioned in 1497 is located in Milan?
  4. Which Italian town is known as the first city to emerge from the dark ages and has a coastline and road named after it.
  5. Which Italian American singer was former Mayor of Palm Springs, California and a U.S. Congressman?
  6. Name the top selling automaker in Italy, founded in 1899, four years before the Ford Motor Company.
  7. When did the Italian Army switch from being a compulsory force to a fully volunteer profession?
  8. On what day was the Kingdom of Italy proclaimed by parliament, thus unifying Italy?
  9. What were the five central guidelines by which the ancient Romans lived and governed?
  10. What trophy, named for an Italian American, is given to the winner of the NFL’s Super Bowl?


  1. Honduras, Panama and Venezuela
  2. It is the oldest Italian American organization in the United States
  3. The Last Supper
  4. Amalfi
  5. Sonny Bono
  6. Fiat
  7. January 1, 2005
  8. March 17, 1861
  9. (1) Pieta – respect for elders, ancestors and religion (2) Continentia – self-control (3) Aequitas – equanimity and impartiality (4) Virtus – manliness or proper conduct becoming a man or soldier (5) Fides – the obligation to be faithful to one’s word
  10. Lombardi Trophy