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10 Answers to Quench Your Curiosità Italiana

  1. The art of shoemaking began in Italy in the 12th century. In what city were the first shoes made?
  2. Who was the first person of Italian heritage to hold public office in what is now the United States?
  3. What team sport is the second most popular in Italy?
  4. Name the major mountain chain that runs through the center of the Italian peninsula.
  5. Ancona is the capital city of what Italian region?
  6. Name the meal that Italians eat in the middle of the day.
  7. What U.S. city is home to the largest population of Italian Americans?
  8. On which of Rome’s famed Seven Hills were the ancient royal palaces constructed?
  9. What is the largest region (in square miles) in Italy?
  10. Which automobile manufacturer has never won a race with its engine in Formula One – Lancia or Lamborghini?


  1. Venice
  2. Onorio Razzolini, who was responsible for the defense of the colony of Maryland
  3. Basketball, soccer is the most popular
  4. The Apennines
  5. Le Marche
  6. Colazione
  7. New York City, with approximately two million
  8. Palatine Hill
  9. Sicily
  10. Lamborghini