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How to Choose the Right Flowers and Florist for Your Wedding

Flowers at a wedding are not only traditional, but also perform a role themselves. Choosing flowers in vibrant tones will make a statement, but must be very carefully coordinated with the theme and color palette selected for the wedding. Muted shades in creams or lilac create a dreamier effect and a peaceful backdrop for the exciting day. Also, it is not simply about the color combinations; you need to think about the combination of scents as well! Whatever your preference, choosing your wedding flowers is no easy feat, so finding the right florist is extremely important.

Flowers share your journey down the aisle and appear in many of the photographs, so whether you choose to make them a focal point or not, they still do need to be fabulous. When considering the choices, start with the seasons. While you can have flowers flown in from the far-flung corners of the world, we recommend working with the blooms that are naturally flowering at the time that you are getting married. The flowers will be fresh, vibrant and naturally blend with the landscape around you in the photographs. It will also be far less costly in most instances.

Petals may be pretty and claim the hearts of most, but do not neglect foliage. Some of the best bouquets combine greenery and blooms to charming effects. The green, silver and blue tones that foliage can introduce will add depth to your bouquet and succulents and herbs have become popular in recent months.

The bride’s bouquet in particular, will be on display and it will be next to her gown. Although it should go without saying that the style and shape of the flowers will need to suit the dress. Handtied trailing arrangements work for rustic brides, but more compact arrangements of roses, peonies or hydrangeas complement a more structured dress.

Although it is often the part that couples least want to acknowledge in wedding planning, you do need to keep your budget in mind. Starting with seasonal flowers sets you on a good path to avoid paying a premium, but there are other options. If you have a green thumb or have someone close to the wedding party who does, try sourcing some of your flowers wholesale and arranging them yourself or with the help of a friend or family member who has the eye and experience. You may have a floral star in your midst without even realizing it. You do not have to take the entire wedding on. Perhaps choose to do the reception arrangements yourself and leave the bouquets to the professionals.

Alternatively, choosing blooms with larger flower heads can also help you spend less. A larger flower size means you will need fewer of them to make the same-sized arrangement, so it can help to keep costs down. This approach works particularly well for bridesmaids bouquets, which often have simpler designs.

Once you have explored the flower options and find yourself inspired, it is time to select a florist to make those ideas a reality. The real key to success here is to match your florist to the flowers you want.

Ask to see the portfolios from as many different local florists as you can. You are looking for the one who has experience creating flowers in a similar style to what you envision for your wedding. Ask questions – getting the florist talking about their own designs is a great way to see how well that florist will fit your wedding theme and bridal style. Finally, if you are not a flower fan or have allergies, why not go faux with a crystal, button or fabric flower bouquet instead. There really is something for every bride when it comes to wedding flowers.