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Alessandra Belloni, at left with a group performing the hypnotic Tarantella.

Alessandra Belloni Returns to Italy for “A Musical Journey to Sicily”

Alessandra Belloni, renowned singer, percussionist and teacher will be visiting Italy during Holy Week with numerous travelers for her second annual “Musical Journey to Esoteric Sicily.” Her trip will include a special Sicilian folkloric musical, theatrical and dance traditions, combined with a Healing Dance and Percussion Workshop taught by Alessandra.

Actor, story teller and mask maker Nino Pracanica will provide a special presentation in the Castle of Milazzo, on the folkloric myths and legends of Sicily, using puppets, masks, music and storytelling. The Sicilian folk dance group “Miliuso” will perform the circle and line dance Contradanza.

Alessandra’s seven-day journey will also feature southern Italian ritual dances, used as music and dance therapy for centuries throughout the Mediterranean. The travelers joining her will learn the unique style of southern Italian and Sicilian tambourine playing and the ancient healing trance dance of the tarantella, used to cure the mythical bite of the tarantula in a ceremonial setting.

On the afternoon of Good Friday, the group will head into the town Barcellona Posso di Gotto to watch the tradition of male singers perform the “Vexilla Regis” in the Church of Santo Vito Barcellona.  The “Vexilla Regis” is an ancient and traditional chant in Latin which is accompanied by a procession.

Among the highlights will be a feast for Pasquetta celebration featuring Alessandra Belloni, Baba Sissoko and Sicilian Folk Groups at Parco Jalari with local traditional food, wine and lots of dancing and music.