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Man Receives 6,000 EUR Worth of Traffic Summons in Just One Day

No one is ever pleased to get a traffic ticket, but just imagine receiving multiple traffic summons with fines totaling almost 6,000 euros – all on the same day! That was the kind of night that a 29-year-old Italian man had recently. While driving late at night (actually early morning) in Turin, the man was observed by police running a red light (200 euro fine), while talking on his cell phone (646 euro fine), with his lights off (335 euro fine). When he was pulled over, the driver was found to be driving without wearing a seatbelt (323 euro fine). To make matters worse, the police officers found that his car was uninsured (3,170 euro fine).  The driver’s license was revoked and his car was impounded, which added additional surcharges, bringing the total for the night’s events at just under 6,000 euros. Not surprisingly, the police were only able to stop the man after a long pursuit with their sirens blaring.