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Recently I was reading a foodie publication and found a most interesting article suggesting that eating pasta for breakfast is a growing phenomenon. I must tell you this is not new to me because leftover cold pasta and cold pizza have been part of my “culinary delights” for years. Even if it is only a few “twirls” of my fork before I leave for work in the morning, I gather satisfaction and relieve my “cravings.” Of course, I must then endure a scolding from my wife as she questions how I can eat cold maccheroni in the morning.

Really, when you think about the beloved pasta in the morning for your breakfast, why not?! The more I thought about this, the first breakfast presentation I thought of was Linguini Carbonara or Italian Bacon and Eggs. That’s good for me! Or how about Cacio e Peppe, which is cheese, butter, pepper and bacon? The more I think about this the more I am “liking it.”

Move over my beloved Cheerios!

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