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Innovative Concept from Mannarino Designs

Anna Maria Mannarino,of Mannarino Designs, Inc. in Holmdel, New Jersey, past president of ASID NJ, is hard at work on the Trū Birth Center. Only the second true birthing center in the State of New Jersey, upon completion the facility will give women who would prefer a more natural setting for giving birth a new option, while providing the ultimate in comfort and safety. 

Mannarino’s design directives were clear from her clients, Clara Surowitz, MD FACOG, Medical Director of the new facility and her husband and CEO, Jeff Surowitz. “We wanted the design to be as far away from the sterile, cold environment of a hospital as possible, while still maintaining safety as a top priority,” said Dr. Surowitz, who herself is a mother of six and has delivered approximately 3,000 babies over the course of her career. “Medical equipment will be tucked behind cabinet doors and the location on the border of Brick and Lakewood is only minutes away from the nearest hospital for safety.”

Jeff Surowitz echoed the sentiments and shed light on why Mannarino was selected. “We have had the dream of building a birth center here in central New Jersey for the last five years; we talked to a lot of people and looked at a lot of interior design portfolios. We instantly felt that Anna Maria’s portfolio and overall approach exhibited exactly what we were looking for: an unusual blend of warm and sleek; something that will give a spa-like vibe, but still suggests and functions with the safety of a medical facility. The design will be critical to win over expecting moms to opt for a birth center delivery over a traditional hospital delivery and also to make it the kind of safe and special experience that women deserve to have when giving birth.” 

Mannarino is creating contemporary, spa-like interiors in a palette of serene, earth-inspired hues punctuated by fireplaces and big picture windows looking out onto the tree-lined exterior. Spacious and comfortable beds, modern accessories, natural textiles and luxe details will make the rooms feel like a hotel. There will also be spa amenities and treatment rooms.

“I’m very excited to be part of such an exciting project – a first for me,” said Mannarino, whose expertise in aesthetics as well as practical issues, such as soundproofing, have proven invaluable to date. “It really will show how design can impact lives and make everything more comfortable and comforting, while still adhering to the highest safety standards.”

Slated to open in late spring, the facility is located at 1382 Lanes Mill Road in Lakewood Township, New Jersey.