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NEW ORLEANS - Attending the Annual Carnival Round Table in New Orleans are award winning artist Andrea Mistretta, right, who presented her latest Mardi Gras Poster to Lisa Alexis and Margarita Bergen.

Andrea Mistretta – An Icon of Mardi Gras

Andrea Mistretta recently unveiled her 35th annual commemorative Mardi Gras poster and presented a canvas edition of the poster, titled “2020 Visions” to New Orleans Mayor’s Director of Cultural Economy, Lisa Alexis, along with a copy of the award-winning artist’s book “Mardi Gras Parade of Posters” (by Pelican/Arcadia Publishing.) The presentation was made at The Annual Carnival Round Table, hosted by Margarita Bergen at the historic Bourbon Orleans Hotel in New Orleans. The original painting by Ms. Mistretta is currently on display at Bourbon Orleans Hotel until the March 1.

Andrea’s painting “Tricentennial” is exhibited currently at the Cabildo, where the Louisiana Purchase was signed. The exhibit, entitled “We Love You New Orleans!” is Louisiana State Museums’ tribute to New Orleans’ 300th anniversary and has been held over by popular demand until September 1.

As a contemporary artist and illustrator, Mistretta’s subjects have varied greatly. The painting that the Italian American, New Jersey native is most proud of is “Contemplation of the Baroness.” It was also presented at The Cabildo for the opening of exhibit “The Baroness: and The Rise of Jackson Square.” The painting tells a chapter in the incredible life story of The Baroness de Pontalba, who is one of the most significant women in New Orleans’ history. To see more or purchase Andrea Mistretta’s art visit: www.MardiGrasGraphics.com