Villa D’Este Most Beautiful

TIVOLI – National Geographic has named Italy’s Villa D’Este one of the Top Ten Most Beautiful Gardens in the World. Located in Tivoli, near Rome, and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is a fine example of Renaissance architecture and of an Italian Renaissance garden. National Geographic described the gardens as “A Renaissance cardinal decided to make life in Tivoli bearable by turning a dilapidated Benedictine monastery into a lovely villa, the Villa d’Este. This was embellished by one of the most fascinating garden and fountain complexes in the world, recently listed by UNESCO as one of Italy’s 31 major historical/artistic sites. Among the most bewitching of the mossy fountains are the Fontana del Bicchierone (water pours out from a large shell-shaped basin), the Rometta fountain, which is a miniature Rom complete with a wolf-suckling Romulus and Remus and the Avenue of the Hundred Fountains, where animal heads, lilies, a small boat, basins and so on, all spurt water.”

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