UNESCO Considering Addition of ‘The Art of Neapolitan Pizza Maker’

unesco-pizzaItaly has prepared a dossier, ready to be sent to UNESCO, as part of its bid to get Neapolitan pizza listed on the Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

“Becoming world heritage isn’t just the way to recognize a true art, but also the way to claim pizza as Italian,” said Culture Minister Dario Franceschini. “Pizza has become such a global product that many countries have, as a matter of fact, forgotten that it’s Italian or Neapolitan.”

The plan to get the art of the “Neapolitan pizza maker” protected has been discussed for some time. Now the Italian National Commission for UNESCO has now agreed on a proposal by the Ministry of Agriculture to attempt to get the culinary skill listed because it represents Italy in the world. “We continue to value ‘made in Italy,’ especially after the success of Milan Expo last year,” said Agriculture Minister Maurizio Martina.

Until now UNESCO has never listed a cultural tradition linked to food production. A decision is not expected until 2017.

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