The Michelin Guide to the Best Food in Italy

123415-cronica-michelinThe Michelin Guide for Italy 2016 has been released and has awarded 334 Italian restaurants its coveted star rating. The cities that have the greatest number of awarded restaurants are…

5.  Cuneo, Piedmont
This region in the mountainous northwest of the country has 12 restaurants that made the list this year, an improvement over 2015 (it had 11 in the most recent guide).

4. Milan
Milan has 15 restaurants included in the rankings, up from 12 last year.

3. Bolzano
There’s never been a better time to visit Bolzano. It was recently selected as the Italian city having the best quality of life and had a total of 19 restaurants in the Michelin Guide.

2. Rome
The eternal city just missed out on the top spot, but placed just above Bolzano, due to its numerous 2 and 3 star establishments. Rome had 19 starred restaurants.

And the number one city for fine dining in Italy is…

1. Naples
It’s the fourth largest city in Italy, after Milan, Rome and Turin, but it is the birthplace of pizza! Naples was the region awarded most stars in the 2016 Italy Michelin Guide, a total of 20 restaurants were awarded the coveted star rating.

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