Tallest Lego Tower


A Lego tower erected in Milan stands an impressive 35.05 meters high, breaking the previous record of 34.76 meters held by a tower built in Bucharest.

The tower, which was built at the city’s Fabbrica del Vapore, was completed after a laborious five-day construction process involving more than half a million colored bricks and 18,000 volunteer workers, including many families.

Watched closely by officials from the Guinness Book of World Records, the final piece was put in place by X-Factor Italy presenter Alessandro Cattelan using a cherry picker.

The news of the world record is another feather in the cap for Italy, which in the past month has broken the world’s longest pizza record twice, as well as preparing the world’s largest tiramisu. And this new record proves that there is more to Italy than food.

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