Seven Things That Americans Can Learn From Italians

1. Eat slowly with family and friends
In Italy, fast food is frowned upon, it’s really about “slow food” – eating in a leisurely manner, with family and friends.

2. Have a drink, just not too much!
Vino, ah vino! Yes, Italians love their wine, but they don’t overdo it. In Italy, a bottle of wine will be shared among family members and friends – having a glass of wine as a complement to social activity, rather than the main activity itself.

3. Indulge a little – now and then
Similar to an Italian’s attitude toward wine, other delectable treats are enjoyed, but not in excess – chocolate and pastries are the two decedent delectable that come first to mind. Moderation is the key. You need only compare the portion sizes in Italy to those in the U.S. and you’ll see an enormous difference (enormous being the U.S. portion!)

4. Slow down
Rather than living by the clock – with all of our expectations of things to do, Italians take a more relaxed view. They focus on the present moment, emphasizing the quality of time spent. That is not to say that Italians don’t plan, they simply do not allow the clock to dictate how they live their lives.

5. Nothing is better than having family close by
Families in Italy do not tend to move away from their familial roots. They tend to stay in the same area with extended families being the norm and having family nearby is highly valued.

6. Spend time outdoors
People in Italy often congregate outdoors and a piazza or in outdoor markets. Whether it is the locals or the tourists, mingling and interacting creates a lively atmosphere.

7. Maintain a positive image
In Italian it is called a bella figura which translates to “beautiful figure”; however, it is more about keeping a positive image. It’s about good behavior, manners and class!

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