Rome to Increase Fines for Fare Dodgers

The Eternal City is a marvelous place to explore, but if someone intends to do it without paying for a bus or train ticket, they can be faced with a hefty fine. The national transport authority Asstra proposals to increase the fine to 60 times the cost of the ticket, with a cap of €200 (about $219). It also wants to increase the number of ticket inspectors. Proposals also call for the introduction of more closed-circuit televisions on buses, trains and at bus stops, which “could be used to identify transgressors who refuse to give their details to inspectors.” Proponents say the measures are needed to crack down on the problem – which is rife in the city. Asstra estimates that about 20 percent of all passengers travel without tickets!

Consumer groups argue that the city council should focus on improving transportation services in order to convince more people that it’s worth buying a ticket. Two things to note for the consumer groups – if the system is so bad that it’s not worth paying to use, then why do they use it? Secondly – Be careful what you wish for. Who was it that got the trains to run on time?

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