Restoration Complete


Workers have begun dismantling scaffolding around the Florence baptistery after a two million euro restoration lasting 18 months. Work is scheduled for completion on October 25, when the 12th-century octagonal baptistery of St John near the cathedral of S. Maria del Fiore will be fully visible in all its Florentine Romanesque glory.

Restoration began in 2014 and involved the external marble cladding, roof and lantern.

“It was a conservative intervention aimed at removing the layers of scale and polluting substances, in addition to consolidating and redefining the marble elements that had deteriorated over time,” explained the Florence Cathedral Works, whose mission is to preserve and enhance the monuments comprising the Duomo complex and which partly funded the restoration. The work was part of a series of restorations in view of the 5th National Ecclesial Convention to be held in Florence in November, which will also be attended by Pope Francis.

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