Refugees in Italy Revolt Over Lack of Wi-Fi

123115-Cronica-1-revoltA group of refugees in the north of Italy have emptied their rubbish into the streets, furious that their requests for Wi-Fi and a cleaning service for their duplexes and have not been met.

In the northern town of Cerenova in the Province of Pavia in the Italian region Lombardy, 24 protesting refugees from sub-Saharan Africa have been asking for wi-fi and a cleaning service since they arrived during the summer. The refugees blocked the main road to get their message across and threw their garbage into the town’s main street.

The scene led to heated arguments between the refugees and members of the local community.  The town’s mayor had to intervene with the help of three police officers to defuse the situation.

In the wake of the protest, the ringleader of the protest has been expelled from the refugee facility. One must wonder what was going through the minds of the refugees.

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