Is this 1977? No - this was the scene in Brooklyn at the recreated 2001 Odyssey Disco for the 40th anniversary of "Saturday Night Fever."

Recreating the Fever

This year makes the 40th anniversary of the blockbuster hit “Saturday Night Fever.” To mark the occasion, Italian diet guru and best-selling author, Gianluca Mech arranged to recreate the famous disco scene of the movie in the actual location of the film – the famed 2001 Odyssey Disco in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York. In the iconic 1977 film, John Travolta played Tony Manero, a working-class Brooklyn man who spent his weekends dancing at the local disco. Karen Lynn Gorney played Stephanie Mangano, Tony’s dance partner. Travolta’s famous “Stayin’ Alive” strut became a part of pop culture history despite the fact that Travolta had initial reservations about signing on to the film due to his lack of dance skills.

Forty years later, Mech, a diehard “Saturday Night Fever” fan, decided to pay tribute to the classic film in a unique way. Although it has been closed for decades, the lighted dance floor which propelled John Travolta to superstar status re-opened to the public for one night only last Wednesday. The movie’s lead actress, Karen Lynn Gorney was there for the celebration, as well as fellow cast members. Many people who were regulars at the disco and staff also returned to the club for the evening’s festivities.

All of this magic was brought together due to the generosity and passion of Gianluca Mech. Although he is not yet well known in the United States, Mr. Mech is a celebrity in his native Italy and creator of the Tisanoreica Diet, which has taken Europe by storm. His diet has not only made him healthy, he has become wealthy and famous, as well. He also loved the film “Saturday Night Fever” since he first viewed the movie. Funny enough, this was sometime after the movie was released. Since he was only seven when the movie came out, he was forbidden to see it. In fact, his older sister who went to see the movie, ended up getting grounded as a result. However, she must have remembered a few things from the movie – she won a local dance competition sometime thereafter.

Mr. Mech has seen the movie countless times and began to plan the event in Brooklyn months ago. To recreate 1977, he rented the location (now a Chinese restaurant) and had it refitted to appear as the original disco. He contacted a local entertainment company, Chazam to put up the disco ball again and return the club to its original glory. The club’s DJs Monti Rock and Ralphie Dee spun records again. Gianluca even arranged for the pizza that Travolta made famous in the film to be served all night to the attendees.

Polyester was the order of the night, but the smiles of the crowd outshined the shimmering fabric and a fantastic time was enjoyed by all. The cost to Mr. Mech, a cool $200,000, but it wasn’t about the money, it was about recreating the fever.