Record Breaking Tiramisu

The northern Italian town of Gemona has set the record for the largest Tiramisù in culinary history. Weighing in at 3,015 kilos, the giant coffee-flavored dessert beats the previous Guinness World Record set in March by over 1,000 kilos.

Around 200 people, including 30 pastry chefs from across the local area, helped to make the creamy dessert, which consisted of 250 trays of Tiramisù. The dish was made as part of a competition among local shopkeepers in the town, organized by the Conserva Association.

Around 20,000 people came to watch as a crane was used to weigh the Tiramisù, before tucking in to the dessert.

“People told us it was the biggest and the best Tiramisù they had ever tasted,” Conserva’s vice president Mirko Ricci said. He said that the association had decided to break the record after reading about the record-breaking Tiramisù made in 2014 in Piove di Sacco, in the Veneto region.

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