Peace and Tranquility in Belluno

In the northern Italian region of Veneto, surrounded by the Dolomites, is the province of Belluno. It is a famous tourist destination where art, history and culture form a perfect bond with its captivating surroundings. This extraordinary landscape is dotted with quaint towns, impressive mountains, beautiful valleys and quiet woods.

The Dolomites are without a doubt the area’s largest attraction, an extraordinary natural monumental masterpiece declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009. The imposing mountain range offers visitors the opportunity to admire outstanding sceneries, engulfing valleys accompanied by impressive rocky slopes with lakes ranging in size and in summer, tinged with blue. Nearby, plenty of torrents, rivers, waterfalls and thick woods create an almost surreal landscape.

Even the sky is extraordinary, with incredible sunsets followed by the dark of night, a luminous moon and a multitude of stars. Vacations amidst nature are ideal and versatile here and are complemented by the history and traditions of this land.

A tour of the villas and castles, abbeys and monasteries, archaeological sites, museums, cities and tiny age-old towns provides ample opportunity for experiencing both the natural world and the fascinating historical and artistic heritage of this area.

Arriving in the province of Belluno, the first thing one notices is its peace and calm, a rare commodity in this day and age. A walk in the old city center reveals a town that has maintained its mountain lifestyle. This is most likely attributed to the fact that it is surrounded and protected by the Alpine foothills and by the imposing Dolomitic faces of Monte Schiara, with the famous Gusela del Vescovà, a monolithic steeple 131 feet high, the emblem of Belluno.

This almost surreal environment is composed of architecture from different epochs, such as Porta Rugo, a typical Medieval structure; the old Piazza del Mercato, site of the ancient Roman military castrum and Piazza Duomo, hosting Palazzo dei Rettori, the Cathedral of Belluno and Palazzo dei Giuristi, the location of the Civic Museum that preserves many interesting paintings.

In the central area of the province is the Belluno Dolomites National Park, characterized by wild and captivating nature: rocky peaks, enchanting valleys and pure waterways.

Belluno hosts many a unique and beautiful valley. In the north lies the Queen of the Dolomites, Cortina d’Ampezzo, in the valley of the same name. It is Italy’s most famous ski town and is also famous for its glamorous and lively nightlife. Close to this area, the Valle del Boite boasts excellent resorts such as Cibiana and San Vito di Cadore, all well-equipped to receive tourists.

The most northern part is occupied by the mountain communities of Comelico-Sappada. This is a welcoming zone highly-adapted to those in search of a relaxing, tranquil vacation within the captivating natural landscapes of Valgrande, Val Sesis, and Val Visdende (the “valley that is well worth a visit”).

Take a trip to the Terme delle Dolomiti to give your body the rest and restoration it deserves against the cozy natural scenery of Valgrande. This thermal spa is renowned for its special waters, rich in minerals and curative properties and thus used as beauty treatments.

Central to the province and bordering Trentino-Alto Adige is another remarkable ski district, with the impressive Marmolada, Monte Civetta and the Conca Agordina, all surrounded by majestic peaks. These giant masterpieces of nature belong to the Dolomiti Superski, a snow or ski park situated between Veneto and Trentin, encompassing 746 miles of ski slopes in one of the most charming settings of the Dolomites.

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