New Exhibit at Cinecittà

A new permanent exhibition chronicling 70 years of filmmaking history has opened at Rome’s Cinecittà film studio complex.

The eight-part exhibit titled “Shooting in Cinecittà” includes over 120 movies, 300 photos, costumes, set designs and some 60 documentaries covering the decades from 1937-1990.

Beginning with historic and Fascist propaganda films from the late 1930s, the show advances to gritty postwar Neorealism and then to Hollywood on the Tiber, with massive period productions such as William Wyler’s epic 1957 drama Ben Hur and MGM’s Quo Vadis, shot in 1951. The show also pays homage to the work of Sergio Leone, Bertolucci, Visconti and Zeffirelli.

It is the latest addition to a permanent exhibition called “Cinecittà on Show,” which opened in 2011 and whose other sections are Why Cinecittà and Backstage. The exhibit has netted 500,000 visitors so far, including 20,000 school kids, said Cinecittà Studios chief Giuseppe Basso.

The studios are in full-on mode ahead of three major international productions set to start filming there in the near future, he added. These include the new James Bond movie Spectre, a remake of Ben Hur, and Zoolander 2.

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