More Olive Oil Scandal News From Italy

A massive olive oil scam in Puglia has been uncovered involving imported olive oil from Syria, Turkey, Morocco and Tunisia. The oils were tampered with before being sold as authentic Italian extra virgin olive oil.

The scam is said to have made millions of in profit after successfully selling the fake olive oil in Italy and to overseas markets, particularly the US and Japan.

Six people are being investigated for commercial fraud and for faking food origin.

Tests carried out by the Institute of Biosciences and Bioresources (IBBR) in Perugia revealed that thousands of tons of oils originating from Syria, Turkey, Morocco and Tunisia were mixed with foreign olive oil, before being bottled and labelled as “made in Italy”.

The scam came to light just weeks after it was announced that seven Italian olive oil producers, including Bertolli, Sasso and Carapelli, were being investigated over allegations that the firms falsely sold olive oil products a “extra virgin”.

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